MTB exam syllabuses were all created by instrumental specialists and are designed to provide a broad range of repertoire options from classical to popular styles to help teachers and pupils select music they will enjoy. Please press the plus sign to view our Grade 1-8 syllabuses.

Technical Exercises

Click here to download the technical exercises for your exam.

  • Ocarina Technical Exercises

    PDF 116 KB

  • Ocarina Technical Exercises with OcBox™

    PDF 148 KB

Additional Resources

Reading & listening skills can be found here alongside any other resources required for the exam.

  • Reading Skills

    Click more info below to find the reading skills for your exam

    More Info
  • Listening Skills

    Click more info below to find the listening skills for your exam

    More Info
  • Ocarina Scales

    PDF 281 KB

  • Ocarina Scales with OcBox™

    PDF 364 KB

  • Ocarina Duets

    PDF 84 KB


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