MTB Exams are recorded in either audio or video. The examination can be overseen by the teacher/centre or with just the candidate present and can be taken at any time to suit the teacher/learner. To oversee/verify an MTB exam the teacher must be signed up as an individual music teacher or be part of a signed up organisation.

You will need an accompanist (where relevant) and it is acceptable for the teacher to accompany their own student if they would like to do so.  Recorded accompaniments may also be used for the exam. To see our full guidance on accompaniments please click here.

Before beginning the exam please check you have the following:

  • A phone/tablet with the MTB App installed.
  • Your exam front cover, either digitally or printed (available on your exam portal).
  • Any music/recordings you may need in order to deliver the Recital, Technical & Musicianship sections of the assessment.

If the exam is being conducted by the teacher/centre remotely through webcam please state this at the start of the exam recording. Please ensure that the recording device is in the room with the candidate, as recording playback from speakers will lead to a reduced audio/video quality. This in turn may lead to delays processing the exam or possible rejection of the recording.

For detailed guidance on how to record your exam please click here.

We have also produced a helpful guidance document for parents and learners on MTB exams which is available to download here:  MTB Parent & Learner Guide

To see an example of a teacher led MTB audio exam conducted over webcam please watch our video demonstration below.

Exam Process

Press the + button to see detailed guidance on each step below:

Step 1: Download the MTB App and press ‘New Exam’

An MTB exam can either be conducted with a teacher/centre present (in person or via video webcam) to verify and oversee the exam or the candidate can take an exam in video without the teacher/centre present. To oversee/verify an MTB exam the teacher must be signed up as an individual music teacher or be part of a signed up organisation.

The best way to record an MTB exam is with our recording & submission app. Either the teacher/centre or candidate/candidate’s guardian can download the app and record & submit the exam.  The exam should always be recorded on a device in the room with the candidate. To learn more about the app click here.

Open the App and press ‘New Exam’.  Read through the guidance information before the recording starts and use the storage and recording level checkers to avoid any issues in these areas.  Once these have been checked, press: ‘Record’ on the MTB App and once the timer starts state the following: candidate name, instrument, grade, teacher/assessor’s name and the exam reference number (see top of the front cover).

If preferred teachers/candidates can use any other recording solution to record the exam and they can submit the exam and accompanying music via our website submission page.

Sign Up MTB App  

Step 2: The candidate performs each element of the assessment

The elements of the exam may be performed in any order. We have produced detailed recording advice on how best to record the exam here.

For a classical practical exam for example you would ask the candidate to announce the title/exercise and perform:

    • Piece 1
    • Piece 2
    • Piece 3/study
    • All of the scales/arpeggios etc. for this grade
    • The technical exercises for this grade
    • The reading skills for this grade
    • The listening skills or duet for this grade*

*If the exam is conducted over webcam and the duet option has been selected, we recommend using a recording for the other part of the duet, with the candidate playing along with the recording.

Recording Guidance

Step 3: Complete the exam recording

Once you are sure all elements have been completed the candidate & teacher (if present) read out the verification statements on the recording. Then end the recording by pressing finish. Please note, the recording cannot be paused and the exam must be completed in one session. You can then review the recording and save it.

Step 4: Photograph the music used/candidate's ID

Once the recording is saved you are taken to the photo confirmation page of the app where you will need to enter the name of each piece you have performed in the recital section and take a photo of the music used.  Multiple photos can be added here for each piece and should the candidate be performing more than 3 pieces (in certain exams), you can add additional pieces in this section.  If you have used a piece from an MTB publication or our partner Tomplay then you do not need to provide photos of the music.

If you are completing a video exam, you will also need to attach a picture of the candidate’s photo identification. Guidance for this and photographing music can be found here, or in the ‘picture confirmation’ section of the app. The candidate’s ID is not required for an audio exam.

If submitting an exam through the website you will need to enter the same information and photo’s during submission.

Photo & ID Guidance

Step 5: Save or submit the exam

You will then have the option to save the exam for later or submit it for marking. Please note that you will need an internet connection to submit the exam.  Once submitted you will see a confirmation message and your exam will then be placed in the submitted section of the app.

If you are not using the MTB app to record and submit your exam you will need to ensure that the recording equipment is left running throughout and that it is not turned off at any point during the assessment.  You will need to go to the ‘submit exam’ page on the website to submit your exam.


MTB graded exams are carried out by the teacher in their usual environment and there are no unprepared elements in the exam.  Many SEN candidates therefore can be supported by preparing in their own time using their own proven learning methods. For any reasonable adjustment requests around SEND and further information, please visit our SEND page. 

Many people find music examinations extremely stressful, so I am delighted that MTB exams are addressing this concern without sacrificing musical standards.

Jonathon Cohen / Television Presenter

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