Exams without the stress

MTB Exams are recorded and overseen by the teacher and so the examination can be taken at any time to suit both teacher and pupil. You will need an accompanist (where relevant) and it is acceptable for the teacher to accompany their own student if they would like to do so. You will also need a means to record the examination.

From mid-October 2019 the MTB App will be available which allows teachers to use their phones or tablets to manage the exam taking process.  The App guides you through the exam process (listed below) providing information & guidance for the exam as well as recording & submitting the exam.  The App allows you to review the exam recording upon completion and teachers will be given the option to delete the recording, save it for later or submit the exam.

Before beginning the exam please check you have the following:

• Recording equipment or your phone/tablet with the MTB App installed
• List of the scales (if relevant)
• Any music you may need in order to deliver the reading & listening skills section of the assessment (if relevant)

The above paperwork can be downloaded from the syllabus section of the MTB website.

1. Start the recording equipment and state clearly: candidate name, instrument, grade, teacher/assessor’s name and the exam reference number (see top of this sheet)

2. Ask the candidate to complete each element of the assessment in turn – they may be performed in any order. Each element is listed on the Front Cover as below – Tick each element once it has been completed (or write N/A if not relevant to the assessment)

Ask the candidate to:
• Announce the title and perform Piece 1
• Announce the title and perform Piece 2
• Announce the title and perform Piece 3/study
• Perform all of the scales/arpeggios etc. for this grade
• Perform the technical exercises for this grade
• Perform the reading skills for this grade
• Perform the listening skills for this grade

3. Once you are sure all elements have been completed, turn off the recording equipment. (Note: the recording equipment should be left running throughout and should not be turned off at any point during the assessment)

4. Candidate signs and dates the Front Cover form where indicated

5. Teacher/assessor adds their name and signs and dates the form where indicated

6. To submit the exam: upload and send the recording to MTB Exams by clicking on ‘submit exam’ and following the instructions. You will need the Front Cover when submitting

7. If you have any queries or need advice, please contact MTB Exams using the Contact us page on the website

Many people find music examinations extremely stressful, so I am delighted that MTB exams are addressing this concern without sacrificing musical standards.

Jonathon Cohen / Television Presenter

Grade boundaries

Total possible marks: 100

87 – 100     Distinction
75 – 86       Merit
60 – 74       Pass
45 – 59       Blue
Below 45   White

Certificates are awarded for candidates achieving pass/merit/distinction. (candidates achieving Blue or white will receive a marksheet only).

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