Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any queries not addressed below please contact us.  Please press the plus button on the questions below to see the answers.

Who needs to download the MTB app to record the exam?

An MTB exam can be recorded by either the teacher/centre or the candidate/candidate’s parents in any location.

The easiest way to record and submit an exam is with our app which allows you to record and submit an exam with just a phone or tablet.

You must ensure that the recording device is in the room with the candidate. Therefore, if the exam is being conducted with a teacher remotely over webcam, then the candidate/candidate’s parents should download the app and record the exam.

An MTB exam can be recorded via our new 2021 app without requiring a login, all you will need to record and submit an exam is the exam reference (received when entering and purchasing an exam) and the candidate’s date of birth.

You can enter a free practice exam from the make an entry page, under the category ‘other’ if you would like to practise using the app for an exam.

What happens if I lose my video connection during an exam over webcam?

With the MTB app recording the exam in the room with the candidate on their (or their parents) device, losing the connection with the teacher for a short period or poor connectivity during an exam is not an issue.  We advise that you tell the candidate to keep the recording running and wait until you have resolved the connection issue and then continue the exam.  Please add a note in the ‘additional notes’ submission field on the app if this has occurred.

How do I view or print my purchased front cover PDF?

Once you have purchased your exam an email will be sent within a couple of hours containing your personalised pdf front cover.  This can be located as a link at the bottom of the email under order inventory.  If you cannot open this link then try copy and pasting the link address into your address bar on your internet homepage and you will be taken to the online version of your PDF. If you are still experiencing difficulties then contact MTB customer services who can email the front cover to you.

Will my exam be in audio or video?

Whether your exam is assigned as audio or video will depend on the information selected when making an exam entry.

All performance grade exams are videoed regardless of the options selected at entry or the centre conducting the exam.

For practical grades whether the exam is in audio or video depends on the below question in the exam entry process:

Is the exam being conducted with a teacher/centre?

    • Selecting ‘Yes’ means: there will be a teacher/centre representative present during the recording of the exam, either in person or remotely to verify your identity. The teacher/centre will receive the marksheet for this exam. You will need the centre number of the teacher/organisation overseeing the exam at this stage.
    • Selecting ‘No’ means: there will not be a teacher/centre representative present during the recording of the exam. The candidate will receive the marksheet for this exam.

Exam Format: Selecting ‘No’ will assign you a video exam as there will be no centre overseeing the exam to verify the candidate’s identity. If ‘Yes’ is selected your exam format depends on whether you are taking the exam with an audio or video approved centre.

UK centres are assigned as audio centres when signing up and International centres are set to video.  International centres can apply to become an audio centre by completing the below forms:

Individual teacher audio verification form

Organisation audio verification form

What happens if I have a problem with my exam recording?

Do not panic, most problems can be resolved by contacting MTB customer services who will advise you.

Can I enter pieces containing Jazz Improvisation?

Candidates wishing to submit pieces containing Jazz improvisation may do so as part of the free choice recital section of an MTB exam. Exams containing 2 or more pieces with Jazz improvisation will be marked by a Jazz specialist who will normally specialise in that section of instruments (i.e. Wind, Brass etc).

Please ensure to select the Jazz improvisation option during the exam entry and make a note in submission note that this exam contains Jazz improvisation.

Do I need to print my front cover?

No, you do not need a printed front cover for the exam, although it is important that you have a way to electronically view the front cover during the exam as this provides important guidance and the required verbal verification statements.

Can I take an MTB exam without a teacher?

Yes, all of our resources for both practical and performance exams are able to be taken with or without a teacher and the exam can also be conducted with or without a teacher present.

During the entry process select no to the question is the exam being conducted with a teacher/centre?  The exam will then be set to video and the marksheet/certificate will be sent directly to the candidate.

Do I need to play repeats?

Repeats are optional for MTB Exams, however, they are encouraged as they can offer opportunities to display greater dynamic and expressive variation.

Can I use some content from the old and some content from the new syllabus?

Content from 2019 syllabuses can be used until the 31st March 2021.

An MTB practical exam is split into three sections: Recital, Technical and Musicianship.

The Recital Section of three pieces is flexible with the free choice option so new or old syllabus pieces can be used for an MTB exam indefinitely unless they are specifically regraded.  Performance exams only contain pieces and these can be taken from any syllabus year.

The Technical Section can either be taken from the 2019 or 2020 syllabus but cannot be a mixture of the two within a section, i.e. 2020 scales and 2019 technical exercises.

The Musicianship Section can either be taken from the 2019 or 2020 syllabus but cannot be a mixture of the two within a section, i.e. 2020 listening skills and 2019 reading skills.

So for example the Musicianship Section of a 2020 syllabus and the Technical section of a 2019 syllabus could be used for an exam or vice versa with a combination of 2019/20 pieces.

Where 2019 content is used please ensure to verbally state that it is from the 2019 syllabus.

What if the candidate does not have ID available for a video exam?

If the candidate does not have any viable ID they can complete the downloadable Alternative Candidate Identification Form.

For more information on ID’s please see our Photo & ID Guidance Page

Are MTB exams available in my country?

Yes, MTB exams can be taken anywhere in the world.  There is an additional charge for the delivery of the certificate outside of the UK.

Are accompaniments required?

Accompaniments are optional for pieces during the Covid-19 outbreak.  You can also use recorded accompaniments for our exams.

Can I use a recorded accompaniment for my duet?

Yes, this is acceptable and we have produced a number of recorded accompaniments which are available to download on the duet pages of the new 2020 syllabuses.

Do MTB exams offer UCAS Points?

MTB Practical & Performance Grades 6-8 are eligible for UCAS points which are equivalent in value to the other Ofqual regulated music boards.

Can I play my own composition with free choice?

Yes, as long as it is of the appropriate grade standard this is acceptable.  Be sure to include plenty of written phrasing and dynamics.

What to do if I disagree with an exam result?

If you feel a candidate has been unfairly marked you may request an exam remark.  Please note that there is a charge for this although the fee is refundable if the grade boundary (blue, pass, merit, distinction) is altered. Please visit our appealing an assessment result page to learn more.

What are award categories for an MTB exam?

Award categories:

Total possible marks: 100

Certificates are awarded for candidates achieving pass/merit/distinction. Candidates achieving Blue or white will receive a marksheet only.

If I'm a teacher & parent can I conduct a centre exam with my child?

We ask that teachers/centres not conduct exams for their immediate family members, in this instance on entry you should select that no teacher will be present during the exam and then the exam will be set to video.  However, the parent/teacher can still be present during the exam as a third party.

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