MTB graded exams are carried out by the teacher in their usual environment and there are no unprepared elements in the exam.  Many SEN candidates therefore can be supported by preparing in their own time using their own proven learning methods. For any reasonable adjustment requests around SEN, please let us know by emailing a completed Application form to request a Reasonable Adjustment to, providing the following information:

  • Name of candidate, instrument & grade.
  • Reason for requesting a reasonable adjustment (e.g. dyslexia).
  • How this affects their ability to take the qualification as it stands.
  • Reasonable adjustment they would like to request that would potentially solve/assist with this.
  • Please provide any further information and supporting documentation such as an official medical or similar letter confirming a diagnosis.

All applications should be made before planned submission of the examination. We will then reply to confirm whether we have been able to approve the reasonable adjustment request or if we need any further information.

Please see our Advice for candidates with Special or different learning needs (SEND) document for more information and guidance with your application.

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