The Music Teachers’ Board is a recognised awarding body and regulated by Ofqual – (Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation in England) and our graded awards in music performance appear on Ofqual’s register of approved qualifications.

Recognition by Ofqual is a mark of quality – it shows that as a board we meet their rules and requirements and are able to combine expertise in assessment with effective operational delivery. In turn, this provides assurance that the learners who have taken our Ofqual regulated qualifications have the required level of knowledge and skills in the relevant subject area.

Ofqual Credits and Levels: Every Ofqual regulated qualification is assigned a Level and many have a Credit Value.

Credit value: Credit values indicate the estimated amount of time a learner will need to prepare for a qualification. The credit value is 1/10th of the total qualification time (TQT) which consists of guided learning hours (taught study time) plus any further study time required. It is therefore an indication of the total size of the qualification.

Levels: Levels are based on the demands of a qualification which is again connected to the size or amount of study required to achieve it. The levels available range from Entry Levels (1-3) plus Level 1 to Level 8. As a guide, GCSE = Level 2 & A levels = Level 3. Levels help learners to track their progression in a particular area of study.

Levels and Credit Values (where assigned), will appear on certificates as an indication of the demands and size of the qualification achieved. To view the specific Levels and credits assigned to MTB qualifications please click below:

MTB Qualifications’ Table


MTB Instrumental Grades 6-8 are eligible for UCAS points which are equivalent in value to the other Ofqual regulated music boards.

These points are available for candidates who have taken our qualifications since March 1st 2019.

What are UCAS Tariff points?

UCAS Tariff points translate qualifications and results into a numerical value. The UCAS Tariff value will vary dependent on the qualification size, and the result you achieved. This numerical value is used by UK Higher Education course providers (such as universities) to assess whether you meet their entry requirements for a particular course.


Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) & European Qualifications Framework (EQF)

The EQF is an 8-level, learning outcomes-based framework for all types of qualifications that serves as a translation tool between different national qualifications frameworks. This framework helps improve transparency, comparability and portability of people’s qualifications and makes it possible to compare qualifications from different countries and institutions.

EQF levels for MTB’s Qualifications can be found on the Ofqual Register of Regulated Qualifications. MTB qualifications fall under Ofqual’s Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF). The framework helps people understand regulated qualifications and how they relate to each other. Its intention is to improve consistency around how awarding organisations describe the size and challenge, or demand, of the qualifications they offer.

The tables below show the RQF and EQF levels for our qualifications:

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