We are proud of the service we provide to our teachers and learners and have received hundreds of positive testimonials. Here is a selection of the feedback we’ve received that shows why MTB was the highest rated music exam board of 2021 by an independent survey of teachers on Piano Dao:

“MTB exams are just awesome. So much flexibility, excellent structure, resources, approachability, guidance. Spot on with grading whilst maintaining friendliness, and solid, grounded and thorough syllabi. So glad I have moved my students over 10/10 MTB exams.” Lexi Moran Tun, Teacher

“Thanks again, your customer service is second to none. MTB has been a breath of fresh air!…
I’m a huge fan of MTB. All my teachers recommend MTB and all of our students are aware of MTB. The students who choose to take the MTB exams enjoy the process.” Tracy Rose, Music Lessons Anywhere

“I just want to feedback how positive the whole experience has been, straightforward with resources available online and the app guiding you through the process. This was the first online exam I did with my students and I‘ll definitely be switching to MTB. Big compliment!! Thanks for making it easy and enabling students to record in an anxiety-free environment, and for such encouraging feedback.” Teresa Wrann, Teacher

“Your approach is so refreshing and as an older adult learner the flexibility and common sense approach are spot on.” Amanda Buckingham, Candidate

"MTB are a breath of fresh air in the world of instrumental teaching, delivering bright and innovative syllabuses that promote the creativity and technique of each student on a completely new level to challenger exam boards. I have transitioned over 60 students over to MTB since August 2021, and the feedback I've had from parents and pupils alike has been universal enthusiasm and happiness! MTB's exams are tailored to suit the needs of the candidates, not those of the exam board. I'd wholly recommend moving your pupils over immediately, because like me, in just a few months time you'll probably wonder daily why you waited so long to do so."

Elliot Corner, Viola and Violin teacher, SW London


“I just wanted to say a huge Thankyou for such a great board. I received so much support from the webinar, to phone calls with last minute questions about the exam process (a couple even on the morning of the exam recording!). Your staff were so friendly and helpful, nothing seemed too insignificant, and not once did I feel like I had asked a silly question. How refreshing to use an exam board which is up to date, using a broad syllabus, encouraging technique learning as well as fun pieces, and with the flexibility of exams.” Stephanie Martin Papps, Teacher

“I think it is great that you are offering the opportunity to submit an exam at a time and in a form that suits a 21st century candidate rather than working round mediaeval term dates and assessment methods, full flexibility over the choice of music and an examiner that understands the instrument.” Adam Cutler, Parent

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“May I also take this opportunity to thank all the staff at MTB for the excellent service.  After a very frustrating few years with another certain exam board, I finally made the decision to change and have been so impressed with the MTB set up.  The comments on the mark sheets are so refreshing and all the teachers here at MAS are thrilled that the exams are marked by an instrument specialist, particularly the string teachers!  The fees are also easier to mention to parents…!” Music Academy for Schools

“I used MTB exams for the first time last term. We recorded the exam in the pupils home during lesson time. The whole process was very simple, including the booking process! I have been impressed with the syllabus content and I think the technical work has been carefully thought through. All in all I am delighted to have found MTB.” Michael Keen, Teacher

“Comments I get back for flute exams are also always fair, encouraging, kind and above all professional” Claire Louise Appleby, Teacher

Again, thank you for your amazingly speedy responses and the great support you provide to learners. MTB, as an organisation, really do everything with encouragement and enthusiasm, as a beginner in my 60's it was my lucky day when I found you. Having not been used to the rigidity of education for 40 years, let's just say, my, admittedly limited, experience of other music boards was a bit discouraging and way more stressful by comparison.

Diane Nicholson, Candidate


“Thanks to MTB, I was able to take the exam whenever I felt able, rather than a set date and time. I could rest after recording the exam and look back and decide how well it went with a clear mind. My overall experience with taking an MTB exam has been very positive. I will be recommending the board to others, especially those whose performance is affected by their health or anxiety.” Samantha-Clare Harper, Candidate & Teacher

“The best decision I’ve ever made swapping to MTB. Pupils are actually excited about exam pieces.” Patricia Glover, Teacher

Piano Dao Exam Board review & user survey, (user ratings listed at the end of the article)

“Ten piano exams now completed and every one marked exactly how I would have pitched them myself. Really impressed, especially with the supportive comments. One pupil was really nervous and nearly didn’t take his pre-grade introductory. He was awarded a merit and is super pleased – a big confidence boost for him so thanks again MTB!” Kathryn Hindmarch, Teacher

“Congrats to MTB who only recently surpassed 1000 exam centres, and now 1400. That’s down to the superb services and back up they provide in these challenging times. Sarah and team are stars when it comes to helping teachers, students and parents.” Simon Lee, Parent

Two years on from switching to MTB I am still SO consistently impressed with the mark sheet comments. They are so personal and encouraging but also so constructive - and *detailed*! For really the first time in my teaching career I genuinely look forward to receiving students’ results (as opposed to often ambivalence or, on occasion, actual fear….) When I look back at what I was accustomed to receiving from certain other boards, there is just no comparison now. Are there still some kinks here and there in the system that need to be smoothed out? For sure, especially as the board is really still quite new; but I will keep banging the MTB drum for anyone who listens, because I cannot believe how much better this system works for my students. (And for me!) These marksheets have just reminded me again why I made the journey to MTB! Well done MTB folks.

Buffy Breakwell, Teacher


“I’d like to send my very best wishes to you all at MTB – you have been a light in these difficult times.  My students have greatly enjoyed having something different and valuable to work towards, and the mark sheets have been full of positive, helpful, and insightful comments.  All my pupils have found it a beneficial and constructive experience.” Anne Bury, Teacher

“Just wanted to say that I have another super result from you wonderful people. The marks as always are absolutely fair and the marks sheet is so beautifully written with just the loveliest encouraging comments. I am so glad to have discovered MTB.” Carol Aveyard, Teacher

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“As a piano teacher for many years, I am really enjoying using the MTB exam system – started because of Covid but am now going to keep using them because I love the flexibility of choosing the most appropriate exam dates myself & the very wide syllabus choices. A great way to enthuse, teach & encourage all my pupils. Thank you!” Jo Hay, Teacher

“I am very impressed with how full and thoughtful the comments are. The examiner has managed to be encouraging and positive and also constructive. The examiner obviously listened with care and attention to the playing. I really appreciated all the comments. This is my 9th exam with MTB. I will certainly be recommending MTB to my fellow teachers.” Margaret Miller, Teacher

MTB have hundreds more positive testimonials from teachers and learners but unfortunately we can’t list them all! However, we thank everyone listed above and everyone who has taken the time to send in their feedback.

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