UK/Global Exam Pricing – September 2023

Please note the below tables will update to the correct pricing for your region automatically, if such pricing is available in your region. All other regions will have the global pricing listed in British pounds.  To view pricing for a different region please go to the contact page and request this from the customer support team. For Indian or UAE pricing please go to the correct region site using the country selector above.

Instrumental Exams Price
Instrumental Exam Pre-Grade Introductory
Instrumental Exam Pre-Grade Higher
Instrumental Exam Grade 1
Instrumental Exam Grade 2
Instrumental Exam Grade 3
Instrumental Exam Grade 4
Instrumental Exam Grade 5
Instrumental Exam Grade 6
Instrumental Exam Grade 7
Instrumental Exam Grade 8
Instrumental Exam AMTB
Instrumental Exam LMTB

Theory Exams Price
Theory Exam Foundation
Theory Exam Grade 1
Theory Exam Grade 2
Theory Exam Grade 3
Theory Exam Grade 4
Theory Exam Grade 5

Theory Courses & Practice Price
Theory Course Foundation
Theory Course Grade 1
Theory Course Grade 2
Theory Course Grade 3
Theory Course Grade 4
Theory Course Grade 5
Theory Practice Foundation
Theory Practice Grade 1
Theory Practice Grade 2
Theory Practice Grade 3
Theory Practice Grade 4
Theory Practice Grade 5

Please Note: MTB’s Theory Courses & Practice grant access to our interactive software for a single year after purchase.

The above pricing is solely for the MTB UK/Global site entries. Where the entry is made on an international MTB region site (for example India) pricing is specific for the region, set in local currencies, which can be found on the pricing page on the region site. The region site used to make an entry should always be the country where the candidate is based and where the certificate will be shipped to.

As MTB expands globally we are looking to provide a better service for our international customers and we are working with partners around the world to achieve this.  We will be providing, in a staged roll out over the coming years, region specific pricing. This will allow international customers to pay for MTB exams with a fixed price in their local currency and receive support from local representatives.

Please note:

  • An exam entry can be made by either the teacher/school or parent/candidate.
  • MTB exams can be taken in any region around the world.
  • Exams can only be taken once per purchase and can be taken up to one year from purchase.
  • All payments on the UK/Global site must currently be made in pounds sterling so international users will be charged the equivalent in their currency based on the current exchange rate. Please note there is an additional £4.99 charge per exam on the UK/Global site to cover the delivery of certificates outside of the UK.

Many people find music examinations extremely stressful, so I am delighted that MTB exams are addressing this concern without sacrificing musical standards.

Jonathan Cohen / Television Presenter

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