MTB is updating requirements relating to examination accompaniments/backing tracks. From the 1st September 2023 please use the below guidance:

Classical Practical Grades:

  • Accompaniments/backing tracks are optional for recital repertoire from Pre-Grade to Grade 5.
  • Grades 6-8 must be performed with accompaniments/backing tracks unless the work is composed as a solo.

Performance Grades, Diplomas & Contemporary Practical Grades:

  • Any piece composed with an accompaniment/backing track must be performed with that accompaniment/backing track.

Please Note:

  • Accompaniments may be live or recorded.
  • Backing tracks must not include the solo part.
  • Although it is not a requirement and candidates would not be penalised, MTB recommends that for relevant instruments, by Grades 4-5, exams should include at least one accompanied piece to develop the candidate’s musicianship skills in preparation for higher grades.


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