MTB Interactive Music Theory is an exciting evolution of this area of study, allowing learners to engage with music theory in an interactive way, listening to music and placing notes on staves in the same way that composers use modern notation software.

MTB’s Music Theory offers three distinct ranges:

  • LEARN: Interactive learning courses with randomised practice questions.
  • PRACTICE: Unlimited randomised practice questions and exams.
  • EXAM: Ofqual regulated, certificated graded qualifications.

For each of these, we have a British or American theory terminology version. British versions use crotchets, minims, semitones etc. American versions use the terms quarter note, half note, half steps etc.

MTB Theory Introductory Guide

You can try a free example chapter from our Grade 1 Music Theory Course by signing up as a teacher or learner and going to our make an entry page.

MTB’s Music Theory Courses & Practice are currently available from a Foundation to Grade 5 level with the Graded Exams available to be taken from the 15th November 2022. Grade 6-8 in all theory products are due to launch later in 2023.

MTB Music Theory has been produced in partnership with Artusi who provided the fantastic technology to make our interactive Music Theory a reality.

To learn more about each of these products press the + button below:


MTB has produced learning courses from Foundation to Grade 5 which give students instructional material explaining the concepts behind theory in a number of chapters for each grade. Along with this instructional material, there are questions to practise the concepts being taught in the instruction material. These allow you to complete a range of interactive question types including: placing notes on staves, writing key signatures, responding to audio samples, multiple choice questions, playing and interacting with a virtual keyboard and more.

You can generate a new set of randomised questions on your courses by simply starting a new assignment. You can also save your progress using the save button on the bottom right of the page. This will allow you to return to the existing course and questions where you left off, by clicking to continue the assignment.

You can also choose whether to have immediate feedback turned on or off on Courses. Turning it on will mean after each question you will see if its right or wrong, while turning it off will allow you to view which questions were correct at the end of the chapter.


MTB’s Theory Practice provides unlimited practice questions and exams. Our Theory Practice is designed to mirror the format of our Graded Theory Exams, so completing the whole practice assignment will be equivalent in length to completing the whole graded exam.

With Theory Practice you can choose to have feedback turned on or off using the toggle feedback button on the bottom right of the screen when in your assignment. With feedback turned on, you will receive immediate feedback on whether your answer is right or wrong. With feedback turned off, you will not see which questions you got right but can view this at the end of the assignment by turning feedback on again. This enables you to see your marks and individual question feedback. With feedback turned off, candidates can therefore do an entire practice exam ahead of taking their graded exam.

You can generate unlimited randomised questions and practice exams by simply starting a new assignment each time. You can also save your progress using the save button on the bottom right of the page which will allow you to return to the existing set of questions where you left off, by clicking to continue the relevant assignment.


Our Graded Theory Exams will be available from the 15th November 2022.

They can be entered and taken flexibly online at any time. The entry system will be similar to our graded instrumental exams and have the option of assigning the exam to myself or someone else during entry.

Theory exams will be started via the exam portal and conducted on a verification system which records the candidate in video and the candidate’s screen. Any violations such as searching for answers or having help from another person will be cause the exam to be disqualified and the result voided.  Further sanctions for the candidate and/or centre for exam violations may be made depending on the specific circumstances.

There will be a time limit for each exam with Foundation to Grade 3 lasting 60 minutes and Grade 4-5 lasting 90 minutes. Marks will be awarded out of 100 (50 for Foundation) with the same award structure as our instrumental grades.

Results and a marksheet will be received by the candidate and centre within 2 weeks once the verification checks have been completed by the MTB team, with a Marksheet link sent by email.


Music Theory Pricing

Course Pricing

Music Theory Courses
Foundation £6.99
Grade 1 £7.49
Grade 2 £7.99
Grade 3 £8.49
Grade 4 £8.99
Grade 5 £9.49
Grade 6 Coming 2023
Grade 7 Coming 2023
Grade 8 Coming 2023

Practice Pricing

Music Theory Practice
Foundation £4.99
Grade 1 £5.49
Grade 2 £5.99
Grade 3 £6.49
Grade 4 £6.99
Grade 5 £7.49
Grade 6 Coming 2023
Grade 7 Coming 2023
Grade 8 Coming 2023

Exam Pricing

Music Theory Grades
Foundation £30
Grade 1 £33
Grade 2 £36
Grade 3 £39
Grade 4 £42
Grade 5 £45
Grade 6 Coming 2023
Grade 7 Coming 2023
Grade 8 Coming 2023

Music Theory FAQS

How do I purchase an MTB Theory product?

Theory Courses, Practice & Exams can all be purchased on the Make an Entry page.

On the entry page there is the option to switch between our Instrumental Grades and Music Theory at the top of the page. From here you can then select your Music Theory Course, Practice or Exam and select whether it will be in British or American terminology.

During the entry process you will be asked:  “Who needs access to this course/exam?”

Theory courses/exams are accessed via your MTB exam portal so if you or someone else (such as a family member) will be accessing the exam/course with your MTB login then please select ‘Myself’.

If this course/exam is going to be accessed by someone else not using your login (such as a student) then please select ‘Someone Else’ and provide their email they will receive an email with instructions on how to access their course/exam.

If this person already has an account with MTB please ensure to use the email address already registered to their account. If they don’t have an account this email will be used to create their new MTB account and they will be emailed to complete their sign up.

How do I access my Theory purchase?

Purchased Theory Courses, Practice & Exams can all be accessed via your exam portal, the button for which is found at the top of the website.

Once on the Portal on your ‘My Exams’ page you will you will see a list of your purchased Theory products and instrumental exams.  You can filter or search the reference for the product in question and on the right of the purchased Theory product you will see a Green ‘Start’ button, or in the case of an exam a Green ‘Take Exam’ button.  Pressing these will launch your Theory product in the Artusi/MTB platform and you will be able to access your Theory Course, Practice or Exam.

How do teachers/centres access MTB Theory?

With our Interactive Theory, registered MTB Centres receive free access on their exam portal to any theory course or practice purchased by one of their students.

Just ask your students to put in your centre number during the entry process in the same way as our instrumental grade entries.  (Your centre number can be found on your ‘my account’ page). After the purchase a copy of the Theory course/practice purchased will appear on your centre exam portal as well as your student’s portal.

Centres also have the option to make the entry/purchase the Theory Course/Practice for their student from their account using the someone else feature to assign the Theory to their student.  In this case they will also receive access to the Theory purchased on their account.

Exams are only accessible to the account selected on purchase, if it is linked to a centre then the exam will appear and be recorded on your centre exam portal but there will be no ‘take exam’ button to access the actual exam.

How long do I have access to my Theory purchases for?

MTB’s Theory Courses & Practice grant access to our interactive software for a single year after purchase.

Theory Exams can only be taken once per purchase and can be taken up to one year from purchase.

How does the randomisation work?

MTB’s Theory Courses, Practice & exams contain unlimited randomised questions.  These questions are created using set parameters but are randomly generated each time.

You can create a new set of randomised questions by selecting the start new assignment button on a Course or Practice grade, while you can click on any existing assignment to continue working on the existing set of generated questions.  These existing assignments will not generate new questions when left and accessed again.

Centres receive a copy of Theory materials they are linked to during the entry process, these are a copy and provide an idea of the structure of the Course/Practice.  However the randomised questions will be different for the teacher and student as questions are randomly created for each individual user/assignment created. Centres who wish to see their students exact questions should access their students version of the Course/Practice in the lesson.

How does Theory progress tracking work?

While completing MTB Theory Courses or Practice you will see a progress bar at the bottom of the page for answered questions.  You will also be able to see the % of correct/incorrect questions next to the assignment on the landing page of the Theory Course/Practice that you go to from the MTB homepage.

Only the specific user can see this progress, although teachers/centres can access a copy of the Theory Course/Practice they do not see the progress of specific students unless they log in to the students portal to access the Course/Practice during the lesson.

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