The Music Teachers’ Board (MTB Exams) provides an exciting new way to take instrumental grades 1 to 8 in 26 instruments. Our exams are recorded in audio or video with our app, submitted online and marked by our specialist examiners.

Our assessment model, of recording the exam in audio/video, is modelled on the GCSE music coursework structure and has been adapted to work with instrumental qualifications. We have moved this form of assessment into the 21st century with the introduction of an app to record and submit the exam.

MTB was developed over several years and our first Ofqual regulated qualifications were launched in March 2019. The board now have over 3,000 exam centres across 50 countries.

The Music Teachers’ Board qualifications were created by teachers for teachers.

MTB exams are less stressful for pupils and teachers

The Music Teachers’ Board believe that the whole process of learning to play a musical instrument, including taking grade exams, should be a positive and enjoyable one. Music Teachers’ Board exams are recorded by your teacher in the lesson removing the stress many candidates experience when having to perform to a visiting examiner in an unfamiliar environment.

Complete flexibility over exam dates

Music Teachers’ Board grades can be taken at any time without having to enter months in advance or accommodate exam periods and visiting examiner dates helping teachers to optimise a pupil’s rate of progress.

Specialist Examiners

Uniquely, Music Teachers’ Board exams are only marked by instrument specialists. Only a specialist cello teacher/player will mark a cello exam, a trombone specialist a trombone exam, a guitar specialist a guitar exam etc. Frequently, traditional methods mean the examiner is having to mark performances on instruments they cannot teach or play.

Convenience with no need to travel

There is no need to travel to examination centres. You decide where to take the exam.

Optimised rate of progress

The wait to take an exam to accommodate exam periods and examiner visits can demotivate pupils as it is difficult to progress during this period and they can grow bored of playing the same music for months. Music Teachers’ Board exams can be taken as soon as you are ready.

Lower Costs

Music Teachers’ Board exams are significantly cheaper than traditional exams.

Inspiring, new syllabuses

A broad range of repertoire options from classical to popular styles help teachers and pupils select music they will enjoy.

I am delighted to support MTB Exams and the impressive advantages they offer. I wish this excellent enterprise every possible strength and success in the future.

John Lill / Concert Pianist


Stress free exams

The Music Teachers’ Board believes that our innovative approach can help by mitigating many of the negative issues associated with traditional music grade exams without compromising on standards and hope that this new resource for teachers will offer a positive and helpful way forward for many of their students. We also feel this approach will encourage greater engagement with graded music exams generally and the targets and motivation they can offer pupils to help them achieve their full potential.

School or music centres

Schools or centres can enter a group of candidates at the start of term, leaving the instrumental teachers to decide exactly when each candidate takes the exam (exams can be submitted any time a year after entry). Alternatively, the school can enter pupils (either directly or via the instrumental teacher or the parent) at any stage during the course of the term. If your centre number is added during entry you will see a copy of all entries on your centre exam portal and receive a copy of the front cover & marksheet. You also have the ability to pull off a report of all entries and results for your centre via the portal.

Individual teachers

Simply enter your pupils at any time as and when they are ready. Alternatively, you may decide to do a block booking for your candidates and wait until each reaches the required standard to take the next exam.  You can also ask the candidate/candidate’s parent to make the exam entry & payment and if they state your centre number during entry you will still receive a copy of the front cover & marksheet on your exam portal.

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