Our exams are recorded in audio during the lesson by the teacher, submitted online and marked by our specialist examiners. Once the result is confirmed a certificate is then awarded.


Exam Steps

Step 1: Download a syllabus (press + for details)

Go to the syllabus page, select your instrument, download the required grade and its associated technical exercises and additional resources (if applicable). Please note that free choice pieces are also now available for all instruments.

Syllabuses Free Choice Pieces Guidance

Step 2: Register or login

To enter a candidate or submit an exam, you will first need to register.

There are three registration options for our users with different information required:

  • An Individual User: Can make exam entries and purchase books.  Individual users are now able to record and submit exams with our app but they will need a registered MTB centre (teacher/organisation) to conduct & verify the exam either in person or via webcam.
  • An Individual Music Teacher: Can make exam entries, site purchases as well as record and submit exams.
  • An organisation: Can make exam entries, site purchases as well as record and submit exams.

International Centres: MTB exams can be taken anywhere in the world, so there are no restrictions on signing up as a centre to offer our exams in any region.

Sign Up   Sign Up Guidance

Step 3: Make an exam entry

Once logged in you will be able to enter candidates for an MTB exam via the ‘make an entry’ page and you will then receive your personalised front cover as a PDF with your order confirmation email.  (The teacher will need a copy of this Front Cover for the exam).

The exam entry and payment can either be made by the teacher/school or directly by the candidate/candidate’s parents.

International Users: Please note there is an additional charge for certificate delivery outside of the UK.

Make an entry

Step 4: Conduct the exam with your teacher

You must have a teacher present (in person or via video webcam) who is registered as an organisation or individual music teacher in order to conduct an MTB exam. If the teacher is physically present the exam should be recorded on their device and using their account. If the exam is conducted remotely the candidate or candidate’s parents can download the app and submit the exam, they will need to sign up as a standard user account to use the app. To learn more about the app click here.

A printed or digital copy of the front cover is required for the exam. The teacher and candidate/candidate’s parents will either sign and photograph the printed sheet or verbally agree the verification statement at the end of the exam.

The exam can be taken at any time within a year of entry. (You may decide to conduct the exam during the pupil’s normal lesson time).

We have produced a helpful guidance document for parents and learners on taking an MTB exam here: MTB Parent & Learner Guide

Recording advice    Taking the exam

Step 5: Submit the exam

You can submit your exam recording using our new app or via our website if the MTB app was not used to record the exam.  You will also need to have your Teacher’s Centre ID Number when making the submission, the exam mark sheet will be emailed to this centre. This Centre ID can be located on your account page when logged in to MTB website. The exam recording will then be marked by one of our specialist examiners*

Submit Exam

Step 6: Receive your mark & certificate

You will receive the result via an email within approximately 2 weeks of submission**.

The certificate and exam marksheet will then be issued and posted (certificate delivery address can be confirmed during the submission stage).


* We have specialist examiners for each instrument we offer. i.e. a piano exam will only be marked by a pianist

** The result at this stage will be provisional.  Results are confirmed upon receipt of your certificate.


We have produced a helpful guidance document for parents and learners on MTB exams which is available to download here:  MTB Parent & Learner Guide
Need more information? Attend one of our free webinars.

Regular webinars are now available for new and existing teachers who are planning to conduct an MTB exam. Our Chief Examiner will explain: exam requirements, updates on our Covid-19 response, including how to conduct an exam over webcam and answer questions from teachers.  To learn more or register click here.


If you run a school or large music organisation with more than 10 teachers and would like to arrange a free private webinar with a member of our team then please contact us at to arrange this.


Grade boundaries

Total possible marks: 100

87-100 Distinction
75-86 Merit
60-74 Pass
45-59 Blue
0-45 White

Certificates are awarded for candidates achieving pass/merit/distinction. Candidates achieving Blue or white will receive a marksheet only.

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