The Music Teacher’s Board is excited to announce the launch of the ‘Have A Go’ project in partnership with the London Mozart Players. Centred around MTB’s Pre-Grade Introductory exams, ‘Have A Go’ is a collaborative project designed to provide some support and encouragement for those who wish to try their hand at playing a new instrument. This has been organised as part of the LMP’s 100K Challenge, which aims to give 100,000 children and young people the opportunity to access the arts. You can learn more about the LMP 100k Challenge here.

Pre-Grade Introductory is an entry-level exam designed to be achievable within 1-3 months of starting to play. This exam involves performing just 3 short pieces and some basic technical exercises. Players from LMP have provided guidance and tips on how to approach these grades for the instruments featured in the project, in the form of supporting videos. The orchestra has also recorded string quartet accompaniments for some recital pieces which are featured on the Music Teachers’ Board’s Pre-Grade Introductory syllabuses for you to play along with, making practising and learning even more fun.

To access the and technical exercises, and recital pieces with recorded accompaniments, please click on your instrument:

Piano   Cello   Violin   Guitar   Ukulele

As a part of this project, MTB and LMP have also teamed up with Norman’s to provide a discount on instrument purchases. You can browse their extensive range of instruments by clicking their logo.

  • 10% off Orders on Our Website for all Products with the Code: HAVEAGO10 – Individuals can purchase accessories with a discount or purchase products from any brand in Norman’s range.
  • 15% off Orders on all Forenza Products with the Code: FORENZA15 – Forenza is Norman’s leading Strings brand, offering instruments for beginners and advancing players.
  • 15% off Orders on all 3rd Avenue Products with the Code: 3RDAVE15 – 3rd Avenue provide a range of guitars and ukuleles, in varying colours and pack options.
  • 15% off Orders on all Axus Products with the Code: AXUS15 – Specialists in portable keyboards/piano, Axus offer a range of affordable workstations in varying specifications.

Getting to know your instrument

The LMP’s introduction to playing the Piano, Violin, Cello, Guitar and Ukulele. Click the plus to find the video for your instrument and get started!

Introduction to the Violin with Antonia Kesel

Introduction to the Cello with Ben Chappell

Introduction to the Guitar with Roland Palmer

Introduction to the Ukulele with Roland Palmer

Playing your technical exercises

An introduction to playing the technical exercises for Piano, Violin, Cello, Guitar and Ukulele. Click the plus to find the video for your instrument and get started!

Guitar Technical Exercicses with Vincent Lindsay-Clarke

Ukulele Technical Exercises with Lindsay Higgs

Violin Technical Exercises with Antonia Kesel

Cello Technical Exercises with Ben

Piano Technical Exercises with Sally Anne Goodworth

Introductions to Reading Music

Tips on Posture

Tips for Tuning Up

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