We are delighted to announce the launch of our new Ofqual regulated Grades 1-8.

These new qualifications have now launched on the 1st March 2019. There are a number of important changes as detailed below:

  • Our exams are no longer teacher assessed but will be marked by specialist MTB Examiners.  Teachers will now simply record and authenticate the assessment before uploading the recording to MTB Exams to be marked.
  • These qualifications are Ofqual regulated and can only be entered and submitted for marking from 1st March 2019 – Any exams that were entered and paid for prior to this date will use the old system and will therefore be teacher assessed and must be submitted for moderation by 1st June 2019.
  • We have launched a new improved website to mark the introduction of our new qualifications and to facilitate their use.
  • Teachers will need to re-register on the website from the 1st March in order to access our new Ofqual recognised grades.
  • The exam structure and syllabuses remains unchanged for our new grades.
    There is a change to our exam fees on the introduction of these new grades and the new assessment process – To view our new exam fees please see the ‘pricing’ page on the website
  • If you have any questions, please contact MTB Exams using the ‘contact us’ page on the

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