MTB Exams are delighted to announce the launch of our new Performance Grades.

We have added a new set of Performance Grades 1-8 to run alongside our current Practical Grades. Our Practical Grades, including all the current Technical Exercises, Scales, Reading and Listening Skills will continue to be available unchanged. However, for candidates who would prefer to focus on purely performance elements in a graded exam, we are introducing our new Performance Grades.  These performance grades are now available to enter and submit.

MTB Exams’ Practical Grades are effectively our online equivalent to the Face to Face graded exams offered by other Boards, including the performance of pieces plus all the technical and musicianship elements you would expect to find in these.

MTB Exams’ Performance Grades are our equivalent to the new performance focused online exams offered by some other Boards.


What are Performance Grades?

MTB’s new performance grades provide an opportunity for learners to display their technical and expressive ability in a creative and exciting way that we are sure they will really enjoy.

Performance grades comprise a videoed recital of four or five pieces and have a target duration.

Many of us learn to play an instrument or to sing in the hope that one day we may share our musical and technical skills in a concert performance. These performance grades are designed to help you develop the experience and knowledge you will need to do this successfully in the real world. We hope students and their teachers will really enjoy the creative process of both planning and performing their recital programmes.

To learn more about our new performance grades please click here.


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