We’re pleased to announce that we have finished our annual syllabus review for 2022. Based on your feedback and our specialists’ review there have been some minor revisions and updates to our current syllabuses and you will need to re-download some syllabus documents from our website.

You can see a summary of this year’s updates below:

All instruments

  • We have improved the layout of syllabuses so that there is now a single document for each instrument/grade that shows all the requirements and exercises. This is just a change to the layout. The content remains unchanged apart from the updates and revisions below.
  • We have also added a helpful Syllabus Guidance Page to the end of each syllabus.

The following syllabuses now appear in the updated layout:  Piano, Violin, Cello, Viola, Trumpet, Flute, Recorder, Oboe, Keyboard, Singing, Contemporary Singing, Contemporary Drums, & Contemporary Guitar.

The remaining syllabuses not listed above will be available in this new layout shortly

Updates (the previous version may be used until 30.04.2023)

Instrument Grade Section Revision
Oboe Syllabus  Grades 1-8 Technical exercises  Updated existing exercises and added new exercises
Contemporary Guitar Grade 1 Technical exercises Exercise 2 updated
Viola Grades 1-2 Recital 3 pieces re-graded from Grade 2 to Grade 1: Blast Off! No.1, Rockets to the Rescue No.3 & Rocking Rowboats No.6

Additions & Revisions (These minor changes do not negatively affect what is required of the candidate in the exam)

Instruments Grades Sections Revisions
Trumpet Grades 6-8 Listening Skills Added Listening Skills as 3rd musicianship option 
Trumpet Grade 1 Recital 1 Piece removed (can still be used on old syllabus)
Trumpet, Cornet, Euphonium and Baritone, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Violin, Viola, Cello & Double Bass Grade 2 Duet Two notes in bars 7 and 8 accompaniment amended
Viola Grades 3-8 Scales & Alternative to scales from memory Improved spacing & formatting 
Viola Grade 1 Recital 4 pieces removed (can still be used on old syllabus)
Cello Grades 7-8 Technical Exercises 2 Technical Exercises removed from grade 7 and 1 removed from grade 8.
Violin Book Grade 2  Repertoire New repertoire added
Ukulele Grades 1-8 Scales and Duets Added tempo markings and updated Duet instructions 
Contemporary Singing, Singing & Viola Pre-grades Syllabus Added Pre-Grade Syllabuses

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