International Pricing

Please find our international exam pricing below. These are cheaper than our UK prices as there is no VAT charged on international exam purchases.

MTB Pre-Grades £23.33
MTB Grade 1 £27.50
MTB Grade 2 £31.67
MTB Grade 3 £35.83
MTB Grade 4 £40.00
MTB Grade 5 £44.17
MTB Grade 6 £48.33
MTB Grade 7 £53.33
MTB Grade 8 £58.33

Please note there is an additional £4.99 charge per exam to cover the delivery of certificates outside of the UK.

The Music Teachers' Board offers the flexibility of all-year-round assessments and ensures children sit their exams as soon as they are ready, undertake the exam in the comfort of their own school and with a teacher they know. This has proved an invaluable method of music examining at our remotely located international school. It has meant more children are able to take exams and are able to move on through the grades at an encouraging rate. The process of examining and sending exam entries away is accessible, efficient and very straightforward, and we couldn't be happier with the service MTB provide.

Hannah Shoukry / Director of Music & Performing Arts at Pembroke House School in Kenya

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