Please find the recordings in Exam Speed for Alto Saxophone duets below. The Teacher part may be performed on any instrument from the same family (wind/brass/strings ect) and octave transpositions made as necessary. It may also be played by the teacher, another pupil or any suitable player. A recording can also be used for the teacher part during the exam.


  • Grade 1 Catch the Ball

    MP3 435 KB

  • Grade 1 Shining Bright

    MP3 720 KB

  • Grade 2 Jumping Beans

    MP3 704 KB

  • Grade 3 Sea Song

    MP3 809 KB

  • Grade 4 Cup Final

    MP3 762 KB

  • Grade 5 On Parade

    MP3 845 KB

  • Grade 6 Getting Around

    MP3 1 MB

  • Grade 7 Reel Deal

    MP3 882 KB

  • Grade 8 Romantic Dream

    MP3 1 MB

  • Grade 8 Contra-Punkt

    MP3 2 MB

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