Ofqual regulated instrumental qualifications from grades 1 to 8. Our exams are recorded in the lesson by the teacher, submitted online & marked by our specialist examiners.

Our exams offer…

Reduced Stress

We believe that the whole process of learning to play a musical instrument, including taking grade exams, should be a positive and enjoyable one.

Complete flexibility over exam dates

Our grades can be taken at any time without having to enter months in advance or accommodate exam periods and visiting examiner dates helping teachers to optimise a pupil’s rate of progress.

Convenience with no need to travel

There is no need to travel to examination centres. You decide where to take the exam.

Optimised rate of progress

The wait to take an exam to accommodate exam periods and examiner visits can demotivate pupils as it is difficult to progress during this period and they can grow bored of playing the same music for months. Our exams can be taken as soon as you are ready.

Specialist examiners

Uniquely, Music Teachers’ Board exams are only marked by instrument specialists. Only a specialist cello teacher/player will mark a cello exam, a trombone specialist a trombone exam, a guitar specialist a guitar exam etc. Frequently, traditional methods mean the examiner is having to mark performances on instruments they cannot teach or play.

Lower Costs

Music Teachers’ Board exams are 20%-30% cheaper than traditional exams.

Many people find music examinations extremely stressful, so I am delighted that MTB exams are addressing this concern without sacrificing musical standards.

Jonathan Cohen / Television Presenter

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