Ofqual regulated instrumental qualifications from grades 1 to 8. Our exams are recorded in audio or video with our app, submitted online & marked by our specialist examiners.

Our exams offer…

Instrument specialist examiners

Uniquely, MTB exams are only marked by instrument specialists. Only a specialist piano teacher/performer will mark a piano exam, a flute specialist a flute exam etc. With other boards examiners often mark performances on instruments they cannot teach or play.

Flexibility over when and where to take exams

Exams can be taken anywhere, there is no need to travel to examination centres. Our grades can be taken on any day of the year, helping teachers to optimise their students' progress, taking the exam as soon as they are ready.

Free learning materials and lower exam costs

MTB exams are cheaper than traditional exams and we provide thousands of free downloadable technical and musicianship exercises to use.

Exam recording app

The MTB app allows you to record and submit your exam using only a phone or tablet, significantly reducing the hassle of finding recording devices, transferring files and worrying about file sizes. The app enables exams to be recorded in audio or video.

Free choice repertoire

MTB offer the option to use any music for your exam as long as it is of the correct grade standard, including pieces set by other regulated boards. This allows students to learn and play the music they really enjoy.

Reduced stress

An MTB exam is performed with the teacher or alone in a familiar environment reducing the stress of playing in front of a visiting examiner, helping candidates perform to the best of their ability.

The whole experience was brilliant - all the stress taken away. All recorded on the app and uploaded in our own time. The results were super quick and so brilliant to be marked by a specialist examiner (singer). I will definitely be doing MTB exams again in the future.

Rebecca Hardie / Music Teacher

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