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Key Marking Terminology


Accuracy – The mark should reflect accuracy of rhythm, pitch and articulation. (For the technical section where there is no mark given for expression, accuracy also considers the inclusion of written dynamics and articulation or any other written instructions)

Expression – The mark for expression will take into account musicality and expressive elements such as the inclusion (whether printed or not) of such elements as dynamics (forte, piano, crescendo, etc), appropriate choice of tempo and tempo variation for expressive effect (rallentando, accelerando, etc) phrasing, character, stylistic playing appropriate to the period or genre of the work, communication skills, etc.

Technique – The mark for technique will consider factors such as tone quality, breathing, support, posture, articulation, bow arm, left hand, embouchure, diction, control of the instrument and any other technical aspects particular to the piece and/or instrument.

Fluency – The mark for fluency will take into account any hesitations or unwarranted slowing of the tempo.