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How It Works

• Log onto to view syllabuses and how to conduct the examination.                                                                                                                                     
• Enter your candidate via the make an entry page on the website, you will then receive your personalised
cover sheet as a PDF at the bottom of your order confirmation email.
• Download the mark sheet and marking guidelines 
    - For the mark sheet download page click here
• Mark and record the examination at any time after entry, no time restrictions apply. (You may
decide to do this during the pupil’s normal lesson time).
   - For recording advice click here
   - For advice on how to mark and conduct the exam click here
• Scan or photograph your completed mark sheet and front cover (please ensure these documents are legible) and upload them digitally along with your exam recording via this link
• After processing and moderation we will return the mark sheet along with an MTB award certificate.
(Clear marking guidelines are provided on the mark sheets to ensure uniform standards and assist teachers
in assessing their pupils).
Important Changes Coming Soon!
The Music Teachers’ Board (MTB Exams) is now Ofqual accredited and from the 1st March 2019 we will be introducing our new Ofqual Accredited grades 1-8. For details on these changes please click here