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About Us


Music exams provide an invaluable tool for teachers by providing targets and motivation for their pupils. However, traditional methods are not suitable for everyone. Some students find music exams traumatic and teachers often avoid entering their better pupils because the wait to take the examination can slow them down. However, MTB Exams resolve many of these issues and we hope that this new resource for teachers will offer a good way forward for many pupils.


Why use MTB Exams?

MTB exams are less stressful for pupils and teachers – examinations take place in a familiar environment with the pupil’s regular teacher.

Exams can be entered and taken when you are ready (There is no need to enter a long time in advance or wait for exam periods) – This helps to maximise rate of progress and removes the stress of dealing with pupils who are not ready in time.

The exams are teacher assessed and so avoid erratic marking or shock results – Teachers and moderators are all specialists in their own instrument.

Inspiring, new syllabuses – A broad range of repertoire options from classical to popular styles help teachers and pupils select music they will enjoy.
They are low cost

MTB Exams is committed to making the learning and teaching of musical instruments a fun and stress free activity by providing teachers with an examination infrastructure allowing them to assess their own pupils. Our innovative examination system allows us to simplify the exam process for both teachers and pupils encouraging greater progress and enjoyment for all those involved.

MTB assessments are examined by the teacher with 20%  
moderated to help maintain uniform standards (a system
already utilised by many GCSE music examining boards). 
Candidates for MTB exams can be entered by
schools, music centres or individual instrumental teachers.

School or music centres: Schools or centres can enter
a group of candidates at the start of term, leaving the
instrumental teachers to decide exactly when each candidate
takes the exam (there is no time limit). Alternatively, the
school can enter pupils (either directly or via the instrumental
teacher) at any stage during the course of the term.

Individual instrumental teachers: Simply enter your
pupils at any time as and when they are ready. Alternatively,
you may decide to do a block booking for your
candidates and wait until each reaches the required standard
to take the next exam.