Covid-19 update: As MTB exams are recorded during the lesson in audio or video with the teacher and submitted via our app, there will be no significant disruption to our Grade 1-8 exam process over this difficult period.  Exams can still be entered, taken and submitted with complete flexibility at the convenience of the teacher/school.
In order to support teachers and learners affected by the Covid-19 outbreak we have introduced a number of new measures:
Free choice pieces & studies:

We have opted to bring forward our planned release of free choice pieces & studies.  This means that repertoire for our exams can either be selected from our syllabuses or utilise suitable pieces chosen by the teacher which are of an equivalent grade standard and meet our criteria.  Please check our Free Choice Guidance to decide if pieces meet this criteria but if you are still unsure, you may use our optional Free Choice Approval Service.  The option to use free choice repertoire is a permanent addition to all syllabuses.

Pieces that do not appear on the MTB Exams syllabus but are set by other Ofqual regulated boards for the same grade meet our standards & criteria and can be entered as free choice pieces.

It is important to note that the other elements of our exams listed on our syllabuses (available online) must still be taken, these include our reading & listening exercises, scales & technical exercises (all free to download). To learn more about taking an MTB exam click here.

Teachers can conduct MTB exams remotely over webcam:

Our app will now allow our exams to be recorded and submitted from the student’s/parent’s phone with the exam conducted by the teacher over webcam. Our exams must still be overseen by an approved MTB teacher/centre whether they are present physically or remotely via video webcam. Details of how to sign up as an approved MTB centre can be found online here and further details on how the app works can be found here.

A video demonstration of how to conduct an MTB exam over webcam can be seen below:

Accompaniments are now optional:

Although the recital section of our exams should be accompanied if possible, as a reasonable adjustment during this challenging period we are allowing exams to be conducted without an accompaniment for all instruments.  As a reminder to centres, recorded accompaniments are acceptable as an alternative to a live accompanist.  We recommend, if conducting the exam on webcam, that you ask the student to play the accompaniment recording on a different device to the device recording the exam.

Free Choice Approval Service:

We have now launched our new Free Choice Approval Service. If you plan to use free choice pieces/studies for an exam but are unsure if it meets our criteria and is therefore the correct grade standard, we advise using this service before learning the music. This service requires you to provide an image of the music along with the following information: instrument, grade, title, composer and the book in which it is published, if applicable, along with a short description of why you believe it meets the required standard. For guidance on Free Choice Piece Selection click here.

Reading & Listening Skills updated:

We have updated our Reading Skills (23/03/2020) & Listening Skills (11/04/2020) to accommodate exams being conducted remotely by teachers over webcam.  Please re-download these exercises if they were downloaded before the above dates.

Free weekly webinars:

If you would like to learn how to conduct an MTB exam over this difficult period then why not attend one of our free weekly webinars with the Chief Examiner.  To view webinar times and register please click here.

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